This is my beautiful Min Pin, Skootchie. She got the name from an old Italian slang word - skootch. It means you're being a pain in the @ss. :) She was so feisty and funny as a puppy that the name fit her well. She was my first dog, as far as out on my own, etc., and there will never be another gal like her. She was easily trained, easily housebroken, eager to please - everything you could ever hope for in a pup.

Now she's a mature 9 years old and is still as playful as ever, she just plays by herself more. I think she has some form of OCD as she absolutely loves to take a toy and hide it under a blanket or dog bed and then find it by skootching in around the house. She's a weirdo, but I love her even more because of it.

Skootchie's been in print a few times. You can see her in The Everything Dog Tricks and Training book. She's peaking out from under a blanket in one photo and is standing just outside her crate in the other. I'm not sure what the names of the other books are, but it's the same photos and have to do with positive reinforcement training. She was also in a collar company's catalogue. Freddie and Millie tried out for it as well, but they didn't make the cut. In the photo above, she's wearing the collar she modeled that they sent her as a thank you gift.

Back to the weirdo stuff, she's so very happy to meet everyone that comes in the door. She'll jump up and say hello and then she's all done with you until you sit down. Her next favorite thing (and I have NO idea where this came from) is to sniff your hairline. I couldn't even begin to guess what that's about.

Skootchie has a few tricks up her sleeve as well. I taught her to sneeze on command - quite a cool trick! Her other favorites are to wave and roll over. She's willing to learn anything at all as long as you have food!

I bought Skootchie from a pet shop after I was turned down by a shelter when I tried to adopt a dog. They said I would be cruel and inhumane because I worked a full-time job and would crate her while I was gone. After a while, I found out where pet store puppies come from - Puppy Mills. Once I found out what Puppy Mills were (I won't go into it here, do a Google search and you'll find out), I decided to help in some way and rescue was the opening I had.

I love this dog to pieces and can't imagine what my life would be like without her. All of her quirks and OCD behavior just make her that much more special as a companion. She's truly one of the lights of my life.


I lost Skootchie to liver failure in October of 2006. I miss my girl so much if I think about it for too long I can't breathe. She taught me so much in the short 9 1/2 years she was here. Her end was peaceful and in my arms, a memory that both haunts me and provides peace because I was with her. Her place in my heart is permanent. I love you my sweet girl.