My second boy! I know you're not supposed to compare one dog to another, but he is so much like Freddie, it's uncanny!

I will say that Freddie isn't totally thrilled to have a brother. He thoroughly enjoyed being the man of the household. :) But, it was time to even up the sexes around here, so Payton joined the S* pack. Us girls still rock though. :)

But, back to Payton. He's a wonderful boy with a little too much energy for a normal pet home. In fact, that's the exact reason why multiple owners have given him up - he's found his 4th, and final, home. I've started obedience training with him and I'm amazed at how quickly he's picked it up. He's very eager to learn, is extremely food motivated, and loves praise. All very good things to have in a dog you want to teach.

Payton was going to be another Flyball competition dog but he got sick with Leptosporosis from the flood that hit us in 2006. He got very, very sick very, very quickly and has permanent kidney damage because of it. His levels are so bad my vet isn't sure how he's walking around so I don't want to put any extra strain on his body. He was going to be a flyball dog, now he's just a cuddle bug. :)

Like Freddie, he is a Momma's boy. :) Always has to be near me, lays at my feet while I'm the computer, and is under the blanket plastered to my leg when we're on the couch. Also like Freddie, he's competitive and vocal about it. I can't let him go out with the other dogs when I first open the door, I have to hold him back. Otherwise, he'll race with Freddie barking his fool head off. Since that's unacceptable to me, I hold Payton back until Freddie's in the yard and then let him go. We'll overcome that some day. :)