I go through spurts when it comes to the camera. Sometimes I'm really, really good at bringing it with me to capture the moment. Other times, not so much. :) But I do really enjoy taking them when I can.

So, there are some pictures of me, some of the kids, some of the flowers I grow, and then some galleries of events/days/nights/parties that I've been to recently.

All galleries will open in new windows because I was too lazy to go back and add links on all the pages. :p

Dawn Kids Flowers Puppy
Pictures of Dawn Dawn's furry kids Dawn's flowers Dawn's new puppy
Me, me, and more of me My furry kids Flowers - 2006 My new puppy and her siblings

Max Redbones Birthday Farewell
Pictures of Max Redbones done right Mario's birthday party Jay's going away lunch
My friend's beautiful boy Redbones done old-school Mario's birthday party Jay's Last Day luncheon

Kate's Shower Cam's Baptism April Dogs Zeke & Max
Kate's Baby Shower Cam's Baptism Pictures of the dogs Zeke & Max
Kate's Flyball Baby Shower Cam's Baptism/Christening Random pictures of Tweak and Family Updated pictures of Zeke & Max

Girl's Day Out Monster Jam July 4th 2007 Annual BBQ
Girl's Day out Monster Jam
Us girls hit Redbones & the Burren We took Zeke to Monster Jam Adam & Paul's BBQ extravanganza Glen & Zeke's BBQ Bash

Sarah's Birthday Dinner July 4th 2008 Michelle & Dan's Wedding Coming Soon!
Sarah's Birthday July 4th 2008 Wedding photos  
We went to Sarah's favorite restaurant BBQ on the 4th of July Michelle & Dan get hitched!