Captain & Tenille

captain and tenille

Captain & Tenille are my beautiful Main Coon cats. I can't do as much with the cats as I've done with dogs, hence this dinky little page. Captain is the affectionate, friendly one (left). He'll even give you kisses if you let him head butt your head a few times. Tenille is more typical of the average cat - I really only hear from her when she's hungry or when SHE's decided she wants to be petted. Usually you'll find her 5 ft up watching the shenanigans from the safety of the cat tree.

This picture was taken a few years ago for our yearly Holiday card. They don't really like having their pictures taken.... I've got the scars to prove it ;)

Their favorite place of all time is in a box. I don't know why, but they'll take a plain, old, boring cardboard box over the trillions of dog beds, couches and cat hammocks I have all over the place. Cats are strange. :)

I've been asked a million times how the cats get along with the dogs. First, I'll say again that they're Maine Coons - which means they are 9 times out of 10 *bigger* than the dogs! But, like their personalities, they handle the abundance of dogs coming through here in different ways. Captain is curious and will usually approach a dog first for sniffs. There have been a couple of times when I've had to save a dog (who was screaming in fear) from my friendly Captain. Tenille, well, she just really doesn't care too much at all!

Finally, for all of you that hit this page doing a search on the musical duo, Captain & Tenille, here are a few links. :)

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